A place for

& creativity

in the middle of
the Atlantic ocean

Raimund Bretterbauer and his Team, our unique studio spaces and welcoming residential facilities come together to make Bretterbauer Music a first-class music production, songwriting camp and production facility and creative idyll.


Raimund Bretterbauers 12-plus-years history with Bretterbauer Music has been the birthplace of numerous recordings and productions. Many of the world’s most revered and exceptional artists have chosen – and continue to choose – to record and mix, to write their music with Raimund and take advantage of our Show-Productions Service time and time again.


When it comes to studio downtime, our Quinta dos Artistas is as relaxing and restorative a place to be, with luxurious bedrooms with ocean view, and quality biological kitchen with products form our farm and a beautiful dining room in the main house with infinity pool.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the island of Madeira, surrounded by the beautiful landscape, our unique recording studio with its residence, where artists, producers and engineers can escape their daily distractions and concentrate exclusively on making music, recording, mixing, producing or writing their new songs or albums.
It makes Bretterbauer Music a unique residential recording facility.

A special place in Madeira,
a meeting point and living space for people related to nature, culture, art and enjoyment.